Slew of vandalism across the metro has car owners frustrated and repair shops busy

LIBERTY, Mo. — Vehicle vandalism is costing people hundreds of dollars across the metro area.

The crime has been recently reported in Lee’s Summit, and Thursday night local auto glass repair companies and residents say they’ve noticed similar incidents happening up north.

Melissa Paavola is a busy Northland mom who woke up to a shattered back window in her truck.

“The scary part of it is the initial impact,” Paavola said. “The hole was behind my daughters headrest where she sits in the backseat, so there was all kinds of what ifs going through my mind — like what if she was sitting in there, what if it was a gun of a higher caliber.”

She says she`s worried a metro area crime trend is making its way north.

“I understand there was a string of this going on in Lee’s Summit, and then here we are off 291,” Paavola said. “So I wonder if

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