Ford Mustang and driver saved from oncoming train in Portland

Portland, Oregon got a taste of actual winter this year, and many of that city’s fine citizens got a crash course in winter driving, including one man who got his Mustang stuck on some train tracks and was nearly t-boned by an oncoming commuter train.

According to KATU, Andrew Rassmusen was at his job at a physical therapy office when he saw a red Ford Mustang get hung up in the snowy ruts over the commuter train tracks there.

“We saw a red Mustang coming down the road. It was fishtailing a little bit. It got to that stop light up there. It went to go across those max tracks and got stuck,” he told KATU. “Rear wheel drive, real low sports car, yeah probably not the best to be on these kind of roads,” he said.

Seconds after the Mustang foundered, four good samaritans rushed

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