1984 Chevrolet Camaro ‘DreamRyder’ May Actually Be Of Nightmares

“To each his or her own” is a very well-rounded way to digest the entire automotive community. We stumble upon many… let’s say, interesting builds here at GM Authority, but this 1984 Chevrolet Camaro “DreamRyder” is starting things off freaky in 2017.

Hemmings has listed the Camaro DreamRyder for sale and apparently the owner has spent 13 years creating it with plenty of swooping fiberglass panels. But if you thought the exterior was wild, wait until you see the interior.

The cabin is finished with leopard and zebra fur for an extravagant, soft-touch material experience.

Really, it’s no wonder this 1984 Camaro comes in as a bargain with a $250,000 sale price. You can also grab a closer look at this off-the-wall Camaro in the video up above.

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