Cadillac DeVille Barbecue Smoker Is A Perfect Summertime Companion

Cadillac is working to once again become the “Standard of the World,” but in the meantime, why not give your meats a similar treatment?

It is summertime after all, and it’s the season for grilling and smoking meats for outdoor get-togethers. This 1988 Cadillac DeVille has gone from a luxury machine, to posh meat smoker, thanks to one dedicated Texas resident. We’re not trying to reinforce any Texas stereotypes, but this seems like a very Texas thing to do.

We’d normally talk about horsepower and capability here, but this DeVille no longer moves. It does, though, have the capacity for up to 1,300 pounds of meat. Better be throwing one big party to utilize the entire thing. The body remains intact, but the cabin has been gutted to hide ribs, brisket or whatever one’s heart desires.

And it’s only $1,800. Serious smokers need apply only. Check out the for sale listing ... read more at: