Cadillac DeVille Research

The Cadillac DeVille line began formally in 1949, and was finally retired after 2005 when it was replaced with the more modern DTS sedan series. But the “Coupe de Ville” model actually alluded to a short French carriage with inside seats for two. And the Cadillac Coupe de Ville became an element of American culture, with Chuck Berry’s Maybelline notably outrunning the singer in one until he caught up in his V-8 Ford. Until 1993, Cadillac De Ville models included both two-door coupes and four-door sedans. With the retirement of the Fleetwood model after 1996, the DeVille became Cadillac’s largest car line.

The final generation of DeVille four-door sedans, from 2000 through 2005, used the same underpinnings as the Seville, but with a longer wheelbase. It was the first Cadillac to move even slightly away from the upright, square-cut look that had dominated since the 1980s, and while it continued to

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