City worker loses driver’s license after DWI – Eagle

LAWRENCE — The woman in charge of selling excess real estate owned by the city recently lost her driver’s license for drunken driving. The license suspension raises questions about whether she also may lose the $55,000 job she has held for almost three years.

Laiza St. Onge, 35, lost her New Hampshire driver’s license sometime before June 11, when the state Division of Motor Vehicles included her name on a list of people whose licenses it recently revoked for driving while intoxicated. The department did not respond Wednesday to a request for details of St. Onge’s conviction, including the date she was arrested, where the arrest occurred and whether the revocation allows St. Onge to drive to work.

Mayor Daniel Rivera said St. Onge has been reporting to work since losing her license, but could not say how she’s been arriving from her home in Salem, New Hampshire, or whether she’s continued to

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