2018 Lincoln Navigator Destination still all about the journey

We knew the 2018 Lincoln Navigator—the reboot of the brand’s full-size SUV with the Midas touch—would be a big deal. It’s even bigger than that.

This week, Lincoln announced a new Destination trim, which is part of its upmarket “Black Label” series, and a long-wheelbase option that adds about a foot and includes wider rear doors and more interior storage.

Taking cues from vintage luggage and the heydays of luxury air travel, according to Lincoln, the Destination series will sport red leather with diamond-pattern stitching on the seats and laser-engraved wood in the cabin.

You’ll need to pay $94,900 for the Destination, which is the same price for fellow Black Label trim levels Chalet and Yacht Club. Yes, like travel in the 1950s, the Swiss Alps, or any form of yachting, the Black Label series Navigators are fairly expensive, especially when you consider that the base price for Lincoln’s full-size SUV is

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