Street’s Fine Chicken Is Expanding

Street’s Fine Chicken, the sit-down Southern fried chicken joint in Cedar Springs, is expanding. Come summer, there will be another location of the restaurant — this time, a fast-casual take.

The second Street’s will offer much of the same menu items as the first — including their Peri-Peri style Sin Killer dish, as well as the well-loved fried chicken that incorporates French herbs. The new fast-casual spot will also offer to-go ordering, as well as whole chickens for sale. There will also be local craft beer and a few wines, all on-tap.

The Street family has a small empire in Dallas — Marco is the owner of Street’s Fine Chicken, while his father owned the restaurant that previously sat in the SFC space, The Black-Eyed Pea. Marco’s sister, Mariel, owns Liberty Burger, which has several locations across the city.

The second, fast-casual location of Street’s Fine

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New rules aim to curb illegal fishing, seafood fraud – Eagle

PORTLAND, Maine — The Obama administration is issuing new rules it says will crack down on illegal fishing and seafood fraud by preventing unverifiable fish products from entering the U.S. market.

The new protections are called the Seafood Import Monitoring Program, and they are designed to stop illegally fished and intentionally misidentified seafood from getting into stores and restaurants by way of imported fish.

The rules will require seafood importers to report information and maintain records about the harvest and chain of custody of fish, officials with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said.

The program will start by focusing on “priority species” that are especially vulnerable to illegal fishing, such as popular food fish like tuna, swordfish, Atlantic cod and grouper. The government hopes eventually to broaden the program out to include all fish species, NOAA officials said.

“It sends an important message to the international seafood community that if you are open

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Used 2013 Cadillac XTS for Sale

We’ll admit that part of us is intrigued by a Cadillac that floats down the road while pillowing through potholes and wallowing over frost heaves, but mercifully, the XTS is no Fleetwood Brougham.

Authentic Confidence
For this you can thank Bill Peterson, the lead development engineer on the 2013 Cadillac XTS. His team tuned the sedan’s magnetorheological dampers to yield a controlled ride with enough compliance to satisfy all but the most highly sensitive backsides. Ride quality in “Tour” — the softer of the dampers’ two base settings — is compliant but controlled. Big impacts are adequately isolated, while body roll is well managed, which means some busyness still penetrates the cabin on a truly rough road.

You won’t find a large menu of chassis adjustments on this Cadillac, either. And their absence reaffirms our belief that the right hardware coupled with confident tuning produces a luxury sedan that doesn’t need

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