Angry parents abandon Silver Hill – Eagle

HAVERHILL — A tumultuous few weeks in the Silver Hill Horace Mann Charter School community have left parents confused and panicked about the future of the school.

Some families are even moving away from the school after a vote by the Haverhill Education Association teachers union against the school renewing its charter.

Devan Ferreira, a parent of two Silver Hill students and a member of a foundation that raises money for the school, said some parents are pulling their children out of the school.

“I even know of some parents who have put their houses on the market, and others who are looking to leave the district entirely,” she said, citing parents’ feelings that the teachers union vote sent a message that the school system doesn’t care about what is best for students.

Parents met with school leaders Tuesday night to discuss Silver Hill’s options.

After the charter vote, Silver Hill teachers -— also members of

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