‘A prince among men’: Honoring the late Kendall Smith – Eagle

HAVERHILL — As president of a local bank, Kendall Smith regularly made decisions involving millions of dollars.

He rubbed elbows with influential people — powerful politicians, successful businessmen, people with the deepest pockets in the region.

But you’d never know it if you met him on the street, in a pub or in a local luncheonette. His friendly demeanor — a wide smile, welcoming handshake and soft tone — made everyone he met feel at ease. 

Kindness, loyalty and generosity were in the very fiber of Smith’s character, his friends said. His volunteerism and charitable contributions benefited causes across the Greater Haverhill community. 

He readily mixed in with everyone, from banker to laborer, and quietly wrote a generous check to help a cause. 

Smith’s smiles, handshakes and friendly conversations are gone now — and Greater Haverhill is left without a man who helped shape its business and social landscape for decades.

Smith, longtime president and CEO

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