Most capable full-size SUV for towing? The 2018 Ford Expedition, again

One of the last provinces for full-size SUVs are its ability to haul, tow, drag, or lug myriad toys up and down interstates, from one campsite to the next.

After all, car-based seven-seaters can offer the same interior space with better fuel efficiency and a better ride.

Eager to hold the high ground, Ford’s new Expedition can lay claim to the superlative of best-in-class towing potential among full-sizers. It took the crown from itself.

The company announced Thursday that the new 2018 Ford Expedition can be equipped to haul up to 9,300 pounds attached to its stern. Ford measured the capability using the widely accepted—and more stringent—J2807 SAE standard.

The new Expedition will come equipped with a 3.5-liter turbocharged V-6, which Ford calls EcoBoost, and a 10-speed automatic as standard. Last year’s version was equipped with the same engine, but a 6-speed automatic instead, and was rated to tow up to 9,200 pounds

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