Holden Will Be Last To End Australian Vehicle Production Following Toyota Factory Shutdown

For a short period of time, Holden will be the only vehicle manufacturer in Australia. Toyota Australia announced it would cease automobile production on October 3, 2017, just weeks before Holden does the same, according to News.Au.

Holden announced earlier this year it would close its Elizabeth factory in South Australia on October 20, 2017 after nearly 70 years of producing vehicles in Australia. The brand will make a full switch to a national importer of vehicles from various General Motors brands.

Toyota, meanwhile, will shut its operations after 53 years of vehicle production in Australia. Australia became the first country to assemble Toyota vehicles outside of Japan in 1963, and the first country to assemble Toyota engines in 1978. The Altona factory has 2 million cars alone since it was opened in 1995.

Toyota fought hard to keep the assembly lines running, but was forced to shut its

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