Cadillac CTS-V Sedan

Unlike some high-performance luxury cars, Cadillac bakes most of the important equipment into the CTS-V standard so buyers won’t have to spend a lot more to access the sedan’s ultimate potential.

What Is It?
The Cadillac CTS-V is a high-performance midsize luxury sport sedan based on the basic chassis and body shell of the CTS sedan. And to battle the best sport sedans from Europe, Cadillac installed a brutally powerful supercharged 6.2-liter V8. The sophisticated engine generates 640 hp at 6,400 rpm and 630 pound-feet of torque at 3,600 rpm.

That’s just 10 fewer horses than the fire-breathing Corvette Z06. Cadillac backs this mill with an eight-speed automatic that can be manually shifted by steering-wheel-mounted paddles. Yes, the aforementioned Corvette makes a manual transmission available, but Cadillac representatives say so few would choose the option on the CTS-V

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2018 Ford Expedition Preview

After a longer final lap than many expected, Ford’s attention to all things SUV finally turned to the Expedition. A long-awaited redo for the spacious family hauler finally arrives this year, and the 2018 Ford Expedition gets more than a “mane and tail” makeover. The new SUV will be available in XLT, Limited, and Platinum trims in rear- or four-wheel-drive configurations. A long wheelbase Expedition will be offered and is called Expedition MAX, which is a new name for the States. Pricing hasn’t yet been announced.

For all those worried the big SUV would go soft, the boxy and upright posture should allay your fears.

The body-on-frame SUV retains its truck underpinnings and adopts the F-150’s newest top powertrain duo of a 3.5-liter turbocharged V-6 and a 10-speed autobox. The combination should produce the best in class towing figures for full-size SUVs, according to Ford, but the automaker hasn’t yet announced those

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2017 Tesla Model X

After a rocky launch, the Tesla Model X SUV is seemingly on its (silent) way into many owners’ hands.

It’s too early for 2017 details—the automaker doesn’t follow traditional model years like others, and rolls out changes on the fly—but Tesla is finally building 5-seater versions of the Model X and now offers fold-flat rear seats, which was an early and frequent gripe from owners.

It’s offered in 75-, 90-, and 100-kwh battery sizes, all with all-wheel drive, and one performance model, the P100D. Ranges start at 237 miles and go up to 289 miles.

The Model X earns an 8.2 out of 10 on our overall scale with plenty of points for efficiency and features. (Read more about how we rate cars.)

Style and performance

It would always be hard for Tesla to follow up on the great looks of the Model S. (Eds note: The Model S could be coal-powered and still

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Cadillac CTS Sedan

2014 Cadillac CTS Vsport

5 Series in Its Sights
In the past the CTS was a ‘tweener, larger than a BMW 3 Series but smaller than the larger 5 Series. With the entry-level ATS now in Cadillac’s portfolio, GM engineers had the freedom to size and position the 2014 Cadillac CTS more squarely against the 5 Series. Thus the 2014 CTS is larger than the outgoing generation, stretching 4.2 inches longer and riding on a 1.2-inch-longer wheelbase. It’s longer, in fact, than both the 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class, with a wheelbase that’s right between the two.

Whereas the current 5 Series is derived from its larger 7 Series brother, the 2014 CTS is built on the lighter ATS platform. The result is that the 5 Series is porkier than it should be, and the CTS is more efficient with its mass. It’s hard to describe the 3,971-pound

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Portland’s anarchists: We’ll smash the state and fix your potholes

Like something straight out of Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein’s Portlandia, anarchists have taken to the streets to battle one of the city’s greatest threats – potholes.

According to Citylab, a particularly savage winter caused unprecedented damage to Portland’s streets. Bitter cold, heavy snows, and record rainfall all conspired to create car-destroying potholes.

“Record snow and record-low temperatures in December and January caused an unprecedented number of potholes on our streets,” Dylan Rivera, a spokesman for the Portland Bureau of Transportation, told Citylab. “This was followed by a record rainfall in February, hindering our ability to work on potholes because the patches need dry weather to be effective.”

Deciding to take matters into their own hands, a group of vigilante road repairers called Portland Anarchist Road Care formed last month to fill potholes, stick it to The Man, and fulfill the city’s unofficial motto, “Keep Portland Weird.”

“There can be

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Cadillac XTS Sedan

2014 Cadillac XTS Vsport

The New Name for Fast
This is the first of Cadillac’s new Vsport models, which aim to bridge the gap between the brand’s standard offerings and its ultra-high-performance V-Series lineup. In this case, Vsport means an upgraded V6, standard all-wheel drive and a retuned suspension.

And this isn’t just any V6; it’s a 3.6-liter powerhouse that develops 410 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. General Motors engineers borrowed heavily from the tricks they learned from cars like the supercharged 6.2-liter V8 in the Camaro ZL1 and Cadillac CTS-V.

This engine is 90 percent new compared to the conventional 3.6-liter V6, and is structurally jacked up everywhere to handle the big boost. The net result is that there’s brutal shove on top from nearly any speed. The torque drop-off at the 5,600-rpm redline is fairly pronounced, but that’s of little consequence. By that time, the six-speed

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2018 Lincoln Navigator Preview

With its 2018 Navigator, Lincoln is looking to take back the large luxury SUV crown—something it held briefly when the first Navigator arrived two decades ago. 

This go-around, the Navigator is all-new, adding power and luxury while reducing its overall weight. It remains based on the Ford Expedition, which has also been rebooted for the 2018 model year, but Lincoln takes luxury seriously. Instead of just draping the interior in leather, the brand wants the entire buying experience to have an upscale feel.

At its core, the Navigator remains truck-based like the Expedition. The two share the same basic side profile, but the Lincoln differs dramatically in its styling. A tall car-esque front fascia imparts a far more dramatic look than the outgoing model with its hefty inset chrome grille that looks like it could have been plucked (and stretched) from the brand’s Continental sedan. At the rear, big tail lamps stretch

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MIT: Volkswagen Dieselgate emissions will cause 1200 (or more!) premature deaths in Europe

The ongoing Dieselgate crisis has been a major headache for Volkswagen employees, investors, vehicle owners, dealers, and diesel fans for nearly a year and a half. Though the scandal appears to be winding down–at least in the U.S.–a new study suggests that Volkswagen’s troubles could be far from over. 

The study comes from scientists at the revered Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who’ve examined the atmospheric impact of additional nitric oxides (NOx) that Volkswagen diesels have illegally emitted. They project that that excess pollution from the 2.6 million affected vehicles registered in Germany alone will result in 1,200 premature deaths–and perhaps many more, unless Volkswagen acts quickly to fix the affected cars.


To reach that conclusion, the MIT team ran simulations that involved a complex array of data points, including the number of illegally rigged diesels registered in Germany and the distances those cars drive in a given year.

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2016 Cadillac ELR Review

With the ELR, Cadillac attempted to redefine the idea of the personal luxury coupe—around plug-in capability, and an all-electric range that’s longer than most Americans’ daily commutes, plus chiseled good looks and one very plush cabin. The only thing missing, arguably, was a price tag set within the realm of sanity. At more than $75k, it was hard to make an argument for the ELR, even if you did your best to ignore the cachet of the Tesla Model S, or could see past the CLA45 AMG that would perform above and beyond and get better mileage on longer highway trips.

The brand may have sent a foul ball spinning into the bleachers, but it’s not yet willing to say that it struck out with the ELR. After sitting out the 2015 model year completely, Cadillac’s extended-range electric coupe (or plug-in hybrid) enters the 2016 model year with $10k price discount,

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