Guess who’s buying tiny Tiller, Oregon?

By now the whole world knows that the entire southern Oregon town of Tiller was up for sale. What’s not known is the name or intentions of the buyer.

After news about the opportunity to purchase a slice of the American dream with little red tape went viral earlier this month, offers and ideas started pouring in.

The sleepy town once dominated by the logging industry could be anyone’s with $3.85 million and a plan to retain the quiet ambiance and not disrupt the lives of the 250 people who live nearby, according to listing agent Garrett Zoller.

Three solid offers shot in quickly, and they’re still rolling in.

Zoller of Medford-based Land and Wildlife realty received inquiries from Chinese investors and California developers. A man in New Jersey, hoping to escape the East Coast rat race, wanted to put together a group of friends to buy the unincorporated

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