2018 Lincoln Navigator Preview

With its 2018 Navigator, Lincoln is looking to take back the large luxury SUV crown—something it held briefly when the first Navigator arrived two decades ago. 

This go-around, the Navigator is all-new, adding power and luxury while reducing its overall weight. It remains based on the Ford Expedition, which has also been rebooted for the 2018 model year, but Lincoln takes luxury seriously. Instead of just draping the interior in leather, the brand wants the entire buying experience to have an upscale feel.

At its core, the Navigator remains truck-based like the Expedition. The two share the same basic side profile, but the Lincoln differs dramatically in its styling. A tall car-esque front fascia imparts a far more dramatic look than the outgoing model with its hefty inset chrome grille that looks like it could have been plucked (and stretched) from the brand’s Continental sedan. At the rear, big tail lamps stretch

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