Mercedes-Benz may stop selling diesels in US

In the wake of the Dieselgate crisis, selling diesels has become a dicey proposition–and not just for Volkswagen. The debate around diesels has been especially heated in the U.S., which has some of the planet’s strictest emissions regulations and where diesels have never really caught on anyway.  

Some automakers have said that they’ll keep trying to sell diesels in America after Dieselgate dies down, but Daimler subsidiary Mercedes-Benz may be throwing in the towel for good. 

No progress

Like other manufacturers of diesel vehicles, Mercedes-Benz has been accused of illegal activity since Dieselgate began making headlines in September 2015. In April 2016, owners of Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC diesels filed suit, claiming that Mercedes had installed defeat devices of its own. 

Around the same time, the Environmental Protection Agency launched an investigation of those vehicles. Ultimately, it declined to approve any Mercedes diesels for sale in the U.S for the 2017 model year. To

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