California calls Trump’s EPA review a ‘cynical ploy’, vows to fight for its emissions rules

Yesterday, Donald Trump authorized the review of a controversial decision by the Environmental Protection Agency–a decision finalized during the last days of the Obama administration. Officials in California made it abundantly clear that they weren’t happy about the review, and they’ve vowed do whatever it takes to keep their state’s rules in place.

Following the announcement, the state issued a press release entitled “California Leaders Blast Cynical Ploy by Trump Administration, Automobile Manufacturers to Roll Back America’s Car Pollution Standards”. It coincided with the delivery of a letter from Governor Jerry Brown to newly appointed EPA chief, Scott Pruitt, which didn’t mince words. Here’s the opening paragraph:

“President Trump’s decision today to weaken emission standards in cars is an unconscionable gift to polluters. Once again, you’ve put the interests of big oil ahead of clean air and politics ahead of science”

But Brown Co. didn’t just want to sweet-talk

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