The bill for Volkswagen’s Dieselgate crisis grew by $157 million (running total: $22.3 billion)

Back in the early days of the Volkswagen Dieselgate fiasco, we estimated that the crisis would cost Europe’s largest automaker at least $25 billion

As it turns out, that estimate may have been too conservative. The company’s bill in America alone has topped $22 billion, and thanks to a settlement with ten states that had sued the automaker for environmental damages, the sum has now crept up by another $157.45 million

The states in question are Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington. Not coincidentally, all ten follow stringent emissions policies set by the California Air Resources Board–policies that have so far largely dovetailed with those of the Environmental Protection Agency but which may diverge very, very soon

(Some of those states were also included in a roughly $600 million settlement last June over illegally rigged 2.0-liter diesels from Audi and

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