Highest Gas Mileage For The Least Money: We Rate 10 Top Cars

2015 Mitsubishi Mirage

2015 Mitsubishi Mirage

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Many new cars get good gas mileage, spread across a wide swath of price points.

But for many consumers, gas mileage isn’t just about saving fuel–and, for some, cutting carbon emissions–it’s about saving money.

So which cars offer the cheapest gas mileage?

To find out, we compared the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices for a variety of models (plus their mandatory delivery fees) with their fuel-efficiency ratings from the EPA’s FuelEconomy.gov website.

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We not only looked at cars with high gas mileage, but also cars that are very cheap, which gave us this Top 10 list of new cars with the cheapest gas mileage.

We used the highest

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Summer treats with a scientific twist

TRAVERSE CITY — Two young entrepreneurs are adding a scientific twist to a timeless summer treat.

Austin Groesser, 20, and Daniel Fuller, 21, recently opened an ice cream truck that doubles as a chemistry lab on wheels. Nitrology Treats made its debut at The Little Fleet in late May.

Customers can combine base flavors, mix-ins and toppings to create their treat. Liquid nitrogen is added to flash freeze the mixture before their eyes, leaving a cloud of nitrogen fog in its wake.

“You can mix anything from fresh fruits to candy to a bowl of gummy worms and make ice cream from it,” Fuller said. “Once you get the base down, you can get a billion different combinations.”

Groesser can’t pinpoint what inspired his idea for the liquid nitrogen ice cream truck, but it was one he’d wanted to try for months. Liquid nitrogen ice cream has gained popularity as an alternative that is

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D’Agostino excited for marquee race at Reggie Lewis Center

For Abbey D’Agostino running at the Reggie Lewis Center feels like a homecoming. The New Balance professional racer from Topsfield will compete in the 3,000 meter event at the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix on Sunday.

“This is one of the high caliber races on the indoor calendar,” said D’Agostino, who was a standout at Masconomet before going on to have an unbelievable career in track and cross country at Dartmouth College. She is the most decorated Ivy League track star ever and a seven-time NCAA champion.

“It’s great to be racing in front of my family and friends. Reggie Lewis has always been a special place for me because I grew up competing in league championships there and raced a couple of times in college.”

D’Agostino’s event is scheduled for 5:15 on Sunday night. The elite field includes six athletes from the United States and others from Ethiopia, Morocco, Germany, Italy, Australia,

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Fitness movement

The diagnosis was Parkinson’s, a neurological disease that affects movement. But for Keith Hall, it meant he needed to keep moving.

For the past three years, Parkinson’s Fitness, started by Keith Hall, his wife, Linda, and friend Marilyn Freeman, has held classes throughout the North Shore to get other Parkinson’s patients exercising.

In recognition of April being Parkinson’s Awareness month, the organization has added several new classes — boxing at Perfect Balance Conditioning in Salem and a dance class plus a six-week drumming course in Peabody at CareOne.

Staying active with Parkinson’s isn’t an easy task.

As the disease progresses, it restricts movement — symptoms include stiffness and rigidity, tremors, and problems with swallowing, balance and speaking; it also affects mood, according to the fitness organization.

While exercise cannot reverse the symptoms, it can help patients be able to move more normally in day-to-day life, according to the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation.

For Keith Hall, becoming one

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Police find toy-shaped candies laced with drug

PEABODY — When detectives Eric Ricci and David Murphy saw unwrapped, colorful chocolates in the shape of LEGO men on a traffic stop, they knew instantly what they were looking at.

“We knew it was a drug right away,” said Ricci. 

It was the first time the Peabody drug unit had come across THC-coated candies. But based on the the smell, lack of packaging, and their countless hours of training on the subject, the detectives recognized the otherwise innocent-looking candies, which are made with THC, the ingredient in marijuana that is responsible for most of its psychological effects.

Ricci and Murphy had heard of juveniles in the city who were caught with similar edibles, but not charged. 

Now, the police are redoubling their efforts to get out to schools, churches and other venues to talk to parents about how they can spot substances disguised as sweets. They will appear on local cable access television

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Beverly considers dual live, work space for artists

BEVERLY — Having a combined space to both create art and live in is often ideal for many artists. And the concept may soon be allowed under city zoning.

The city’s Planning Board and City Council are considering allowing artist live/work space under the city’s zoning laws, a change some hope will help grow the artist community. The changes were proposed by the city’s Planning Department last week.

“Boston is becoming way too expensive for artists,” said Gin Wallace, executive director of Beverly Main Streets. 

Live/work space was the top request made during a meeting of the Arts Leaders’ Group, which meets regularly to discuss art-related topics in the city, she added. 

“It’s not legal right now in the city of Beverly,” she said, though she said there were some of these type of spaces before.

The proposed change would allow for a wide variety of creative activity within such areas, not just limited to painting

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