This 1987 Buick Regal Dragster Is The Fastest NHRA Super Stocker Ever, And It’s For Sale

This may sound like somewhat of a cliché around here– probably because we love to feature weird, rare cars– but this is something you definitively don’t see everyday.

Yes folks, you’re looking at a bona fide drag car, more specifically the fastest NHRA Super Stocker ever built. Yeeah.

Built and tuned by legendary engine builder Kenny Duttweiler, this insane 1987 Buick Regal uses a twin-turbo 209ci V6 to produce a monumental 1,292 hp and 872 lb-ft of torque– that’s twice the horsepower of a new Z06 under your right foot. Holy *insert expletive* is right.

The listing also claims it’s the only Super Stocker ever to run in the 7’s, having performed an NHRA certified 7.98 at 167.4 MPH on May 1, 2003. And that’s not even the NHRA record, which it also holds.

The record pass was set on May 17, 2004, with a staggering 7.81 second run

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