Cadillac Launches New CTS ‘Bold’ Edition For Middle East

Cadillac has launched the new CTS ‘Bold’ in the Middle East, a limited-edition trim level that “perfectly caters to luxury car enthusiasts,” in the region, the automaker says.

The CTS Bold is differentiated from standard models by a large red ‘B’ badge on the rear driver’s side of the car.  It’s not entirely clear what the remaining changes consist of, with Felix Weller, Cadillac Middle East director of sales and marketing, only saying customers will be able to “reap significant benefits from its enhanced equipment and agile driving dynamics.”

The Bold trim-level for the CTS is available on all 2014 CTS models and the base-level 2015 CTS with the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. Pricing and a full options list for Bold editions has yet to be announced.

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