1967 Pontiac Bonneville Stageway Limo Is Brown, Obscurely Perfect: eBay Find

What do you get when you stretch a 1967 Pontiac Bonneville, throw in a bumpin’ stereo system, rear air conditioning, and faded gold paint for good measure? This vintage party-mobile you see in front of you, and it just so happens to be list for sale on eBay.

Perhaps you’re wondering what you would possibly do with a 12-passenger Pontiac Bonneville, well the solution is simple – you go for a night out on the town and you do it in style. And, you know, having that hefty 400 cubic inch V8 humming under the hood should give this thing plenty of torque, so at the very least you could make an interesting burnout video. Who knows, maybe you could turn it into a drift-limo and get super sideways, bro.

The creation was built by Armbruster Stageway in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The sound system and rear A/C system they installed are

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