Holden Design Studio Will Retain Its Port Melbourne Roots

Despite the upheaval that is Holden manufacturing, the brand’s design studio will stay decidedly Australian. The news comes from Motoring, after GM Holden Design Director Richard Ferlazzo, stated the studio will not move to a more fashionable location. Currently, the precinct and site the studio is located on is for sale.

Ferlazzo made the comments at a function last week to reveal the latest vehicles the studio has been working on, where he said more information will be available next month on said vehicles.

“We have no intention of moving away from here. This is a fabulous city and we travel anyway. Melbourne is a serious city. Sure we would love to have an advanced studio on the Gold Coast or something like that as well, but we have 150 specialists right here right now,” he said.

GM Australia Design, its formal title, was established over 50 years ago,

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