Somewhere, There Is A Pontiac Fiero Hiding: Craigslist Find

Craigslist, the internet land of all things strange to sell privately. We could sit on the site for hours looking at obscure vehicles in search of a new home, but sometimes, a vehicle really stands out.

This Pontiac Fiero race car is one of them, no doubt. The seller states the project started as Fiero, without a model year for our reference. Now, it’s a full-blown race vehicle, sporting an LS3 V8 engine and five-speed manual gearbox. Only 5,000 miles sit on the new powertrain combination.

Specifics are limited (surprise) but the seller also states the car has quality components, and judging from the photos, it looks pretty legitimate to us. It could be a track day bargain, too, as the current asking price is merely $9,500. Check out the full listing right here.

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