Thoughts On How GM Could Use The AT4 And AT4X Names: Speculation

Over the last several months, General Motors has filed two separate trademark applications for the terms AT4 and AT4X. The filings have stirred quite an interesting dialogue regarding how The General could use them. So, we’ve decided to present the two ways in which we believe GM will use the AT4 and AT4X names.

1. GMC All Terrain 4

AT4 and AT4X can very much stand for All Terrain 4 or All Terrain 4X, with the X possibly standing for all-wheel-drive.

The name could be used on a GMC-branded vehicle, most likely as a name of a trim level of special package with off-road equipment and capability. Currently, GMC uses the All Terrain name for off-road-oriented packages in the:

2. A New Cadillac Vehicle

The second way that we believe

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