A new permit is brewing in Peabody

The North Shore is among the many areas around the country playing catch-up in the craft brewery game, after experiencing the setback nearly one century ago that was 13 years of prohibition in 1920. At least that’s Chris Lohring’s theory. 

And he’s someone who is very much in the game now: he’s opening the Notch brewery and tap room in Salem soon.

“We’re getting our beer culture back,” he said.

The spread of craft breweries seems to tap into consumers’ desires to know what they’re buying, to buy it locally and to have an enjoyable experience. As for municipalities, they’re working to ease the way for similar businesses to fill a need for mixed-use ventures and to attract local residents as well as tourists.

That’s why Peabody is crafting a special permit to allow breweries, distilleries and wineries to set up shop in the city, said Karen Sawyer Conard, director of community development and planning. 

“Craft beer

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