1952 Buick Land Speed Record Holder Heading To Auction: Video

When thinking of land speed records, a Buick isn’t necessarily the first brand to conjure thoughts of blistering fast vehicles. But, this 1952 Buick Super Riviera did just that in 2013.

The 1952 Buick is a six-time class champion, according to Motor Authority, and set the record land speed record of 165.725 mph. So, yes, it’s kind of fast.

Jeff Brock discovered the 1952 Buick near Phoenix, Arizona in 2008 where it remained in solid condition, but not land-speed record setting condition. Brock, a sculptor, took the 1952 Buick and decided to create bare metal racer, preserving time-period details, but capturing a menacing look at the same time.

Bombshell Betty, as the Buick has been nicknamed, is currently up for auction via The DuPont Registry with a $195,000 asking price. Not only could this be a statement piece, but it will do things most modern sports cars can’t straight out of

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