Battling The Undead: Meet The New ‘Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1

Ready to feel old? The original Ghostbusters arrived in theaters 32 years ago. Now, in 2016, Columbia Picture’s has brought the film back for a reboot, featuring a cast of all women busters.

Autoweek received an invitation to check out what the female Ghostbusters would be rolling in to take care of the undead problem this time around, and it’s still a Cadillac.

“I love how in the original movie they had the old car from the ’50s,” Ghostbusters director Paul Feig told Autoweek in an exclusive interview.

“I like the idea that they don’t have any money,” Feig explained about the all-girl crew in the new film. “The Ghostbusters are kind of scrappy and pull something together and so I felt like, ‘What’s the era that we would pull from?”

And so, the film crew landed this 1982 Cadillac hearse to become the new Ecto-1.

“I just I like those mid-’80s

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