Homemade Street-Legal ‘COPO’ Chevrolet Camaro Up For Sale: eBay Find

A street-legal Chevrolet “COPO” Camaro was recently listed on eBay for the price of $140,000. Since the listing was ended in less than a week we assume the seller, Rides Auto Sales, managed to get the price it wanted.

That may sound like a lot of money to some, but when you consider the fact that the Certified Race Chassis alone was $72,000 from Gas Monkey Garage, and all the work that’s gone into you’ll see how quickly it adds up. The engine work alone is extensive, but this Camaro was built and modified to be a top competitor at the track, yet still tame enough for street-use. Part of the work also included moving the engine back two inches in order to get more weight towards the rear. It’s registered as a 2013 Homemade Replica Camaro with a North Dakota title.

A fully-built LSA sits under the hood,

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