Chevrolet SSR Lifted Up Is A Rugged Convertible: eBay Find

The Chevrolet SSR, oddly, shared the body-on-frame setup of a Chevrolet Trailblazer and GMC Envoy at the time. With that in mind, a brave soul with imagination and some money could convert one into a high-riding rock crawler of sorts. And this eBay seller did, which we thank them for bringing such an interesting creation into our lives. Let’s call it an SSR ZR2.

As of today, April 15th, the listing has ended. Considering all the components included in the sale we’d say that it isn’t terribly priced, though we wonder if the seller received close to the asking price. The “500 hp” LS3 and cryo-treated 4L65E transmission built by Hughes Performance make it a bit more appealing. It also has the following: