Larry Ellison’s Private Eden Is Open for Business

Larry Ellison.

Uncle Larry

What do the 3,000-plus locals who live in Lanai think about their “Uncle Larry,” as he’s been nicknamed?

Everyone willing to go on the record was either sanguine or flat-out enthusiastic about what he’s done to the resort and for the island—new investments in infrastructure range from the small (such as trimming problematic trees) to the necessary (a new water filtration system) to the marquee (a resort-quality, Olympic-size public pool). There’s even a new state-of-the-art movie theater that all the islanders claim is the best in Hawaii.

The few potential dissenting voices—including a woman at the tiny airport who ominously said “do your research” when it became clear she was talking to a reporter—wouldn’t allow themselves to be interviewed.  

Mike Carroll, who has owned a Lanai City gallery off the main square for more than a decade,

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