Summer treats with a scientific twist

TRAVERSE CITY — Two young entrepreneurs are adding a scientific twist to a timeless summer treat.

Austin Groesser, 20, and Daniel Fuller, 21, recently opened an ice cream truck that doubles as a chemistry lab on wheels. Nitrology Treats made its debut at The Little Fleet in late May.

Customers can combine base flavors, mix-ins and toppings to create their treat. Liquid nitrogen is added to flash freeze the mixture before their eyes, leaving a cloud of nitrogen fog in its wake.

“You can mix anything from fresh fruits to candy to a bowl of gummy worms and make ice cream from it,” Fuller said. “Once you get the base down, you can get a billion different combinations.”

Groesser can’t pinpoint what inspired his idea for the liquid nitrogen ice cream truck, but it was one he’d wanted to try for months. Liquid nitrogen ice cream has gained popularity as an alternative that is

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