Hunting for Diamonds Under Canada’s Frozen Tundra

Atop candling, icy snow, CEO Rory Moore (R) of Kennady Diamonds, Chairman Jonathan Comerford (center) and project geologist Martina Bezzola survey their exploration area at the Kennady Kelvin Camp.

Friendly Debate

Evans, Comerford and Kennady’s new CEO, Rory Moore, have flown into Kelvin Camp to go over the geological data. It’s a spare but cozy operation: two neat rows of red-walled sleep tents surrounded by an electric bear fence. There’s also a plywood office, communal washroom (hand sanitizer, no sinks), carb-heavy kitchen and a core shack. The latter is crowded with executives, a handful of camp personnel and Tom McCandless, an independent director of Kennady.

A geologist, McCandless, 61, has been wheelchair-bound since a desert bike accident in 1975. That’s never kept him out of the field; he’s spent the day gamely wheeling through snow. At frequent intervals Evans and

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