Police find toy-shaped candies laced with drug

PEABODY — When detectives Eric Ricci and David Murphy saw unwrapped, colorful chocolates in the shape of LEGO men on a traffic stop, they knew instantly what they were looking at.

“We knew it was a drug right away,” said Ricci. 

It was the first time the Peabody drug unit had come across THC-coated candies. But based on the the smell, lack of packaging, and their countless hours of training on the subject, the detectives recognized the otherwise innocent-looking candies, which are made with THC, the ingredient in marijuana that is responsible for most of its psychological effects.

Ricci and Murphy had heard of juveniles in the city who were caught with similar edibles, but not charged. 

Now, the police are redoubling their efforts to get out to schools, churches and other venues to talk to parents about how they can spot substances disguised as sweets. They will appear on local cable access television

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