What happens at an auto auction

It’s a hot southern Wednesday at the ADESA auto auction just south of Atlanta. The 200-acre facility has its own detailers, service department, and auctioneers. Despite the size, it’s not considered a big auction. It’s barely the third largest in the city. More than 1200 cars will be up for sale today. The doors open at 8:30 a.m., and the machinery is spinning by 9:30. The auction starts with three lanes, quickly followed by a fourth. By 10:15, six of the eight available lanes are going full tilt 

The first thing you notice is a lack of characters. Television shows centered on buying storage units, cars, and houses always feature a lunatic making a spectacle. Not here. This isn’t TV. It’s real life, and everyone is professional. The uniform of today’s buyer is a plain T-shirt or polo. No one is wearing too much cologne or wearing excessive gold chains. The whole

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