Despite homeless man’s attack, ‘NCIS’ star an advocate

Huddled on a sidewalk a few blocks from the home of the Academy Awards, a woman named Raquel waits on a dream. Not of fame and fortune, but of family.

Raquel, who is homeless, believes her husband and child will meet her at this very spot beneath flashy billboards touting the next blockbuster film.

There’s just one problem: Raquel’s family has been gone for years. Still, she sits covered in blankets refusing to move. No matter the temperature, Hollywood is a cold place for Raquel.

“I love you,” says a woman passing by. Suddenly, a sense of family emerges.

“They are human beings,” says the woman. The woman wrapping her arms around Raquel is Pauley Perrette, an actress who plays Abby Sciuto on the CBS drama “NCIS.”

Perrette lives in Hollywood and has become a well-known homeless advocate. She has tried to get Raquel into housing but she resists, fearing her family won’t find

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