Buy This Rare 1968 Yenko Camaro For A Modest $500000: eBay Find

It’s said that Don Yenko only made 65 examples of his famous L72-powered, 450 horsepower “Super Camaro”, making the rare beast royalty among muscle car enthusiasts. As a result, a Yenko Camaro will usually command the type of price tag that only royalty can afford, and this mint 1968 model year Yenko currently for sale on eBay is no exception.

This particular Yenko is model number YS 8011 and was sold new by Jay Kline Chevrolet in Minneapolis, Minnesota. According to the seller, the car was found in the Californian desert with its original paint, Yenko stripe and emblems still intact. The car was verified as a real Yenko by its Special Order Magic Mirror Yenko trim tag and Yenko door jamb tag, which contained a Yenko serial number. The car shows up on the Yenko VIN list, as does several documents proving its history and lineage.

After being rescued from

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