New pastor values outreach to community over building

Torrent’s office in a strip mall near Prescott’s Tractor Supply store is being closed, for example.

“We didn’t spend enough time there,” he said, concluding it’s amounted to a place mainly for storage–and expensive storage, at that.

Moreover, Roeder likes getting out into the community. He said church members held a party featuring a chili cook-off in an area barn, besides a party where they dressed in Halloween costumes. They’ve gone to the assisted living complex in Ellsworth, where they built a raised planter for flowers and expect to build more. On the same day, they were at the Borner Farm in Prescott, sanding down furniture and serving pizzas.

They’ve conducted Bible studies at the former, he said, and hope to feed families in need for Easter at the latter. These types of projects are included in what’s called the “Faith Works” program for the church.

Meantime, all of

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