2016 Infiniti QX80

The Basics:

The Infiniti QX SUV is full-size traditional body-on-frame SUV that competes at the high end of the market. Formerly known as the QX56, it offers seating for seven or eight and big V-8 power. While those kinds of mechanicals might no longer be in vogue, the QX80 is the best Infiniti SUV to date—a top rival to the Escalade and superior to at least a few of its competitors.

Look to the QX’s closest ancestor, the Nissan Patrol, and it’s easy to see that this modern luxury barge still looks the part of a proper SUV. With its high ground clearance, thin profile and light side glass, the kinship is there. Most of the proportions hit the right notes: the ride height gives the QX the perfect SUV stance, and the D-pillars angle in such a way as to link it to the rest

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