‘Military mistress’ on new nationwide fraud spree

Portland, OR (KPTV) — An Oregon woman dubbed the “military mistress” after marrying 14 U.S. service members and running off with their money is on a nationwide fraud spree with her latest husband, according to deputies.

Marion County deputies said Bobbi Ann Finley, also known as Bobbi Ann House, has been implicated in a spree of check frauds totaling at least $13,500.

mistressThe 39-year-old woman from Dallas, OR was the subject of national news reports in 2010 when allegations surfaced that she hopped from one military base to the next, marrying service members to gain access to their bank accounts.

In a phone interview with FOX 12 in May 2010, Finley admitted the previous 17 years of her life were filled with deceit. At the time, her family said she had nine children.

“I tried to make it on my own, but I

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