This Manual Ferrari 599 GTB Fetched an Eye-Watering $682k in Auction

Manual Ferraris are always a treat in this paddle-infested world we are living in but would you pay almost $700K for a 2007 599 GTB, just because it has a gated shifter?

Well, one bidder did that, paying $682.000 (about £460.000 or €645.000) for a manual 599 GTB in Amelia Island’s RM Auction, almost half a million more than the estimated $200,000 – $275,000.

The car itself has covered less than 3.800 miles since its delivery from new in Portland, Oregon, making it one of the only 20 manual 599s to exist officially in the United States. Being considered as the last, analog Ferrari V12, the 599 GTB is using essentially a detuned version of the Enzo’s engine, making 620bhp at 7.600rpm with a top speed of 205mph.

With a black-on-black colour combination, the 599 GTB looks menacing enough, featuring the desirable Daytona-style

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