‘More to it’ – Grand Forks Community grapples with realities of fentanyl

Noye’s relatives took him to Chili’s, where he ate ribs, one of his favorites, as his “last meal.” That night, his aunt, Jill Cormier, stayed up late talking with Noye.

But there was a “lingering cloud” hovering over them, Cormier said.

The next day, Jan. 29, the family woke up and drove to the federal prison in Milan, Mich., where the three said their goodbyes and Noye, 19, surrendered himself into federal custody.

“I told him I would do anything to take his spot because I am just as guilty,” she said of their meeting nearly two months ago.

Jill Cormier

Cormier didn’t hold the drugs herself, distribute or ingest them. But “just like the police officer, the counselor, the teacher, the church member, we all knew it was happening.”

Noye, along with several others, pleaded guilty to a role in an international drug ring that bought and sold

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