Kim Fink, longtime UND art professor, to retire at semester’s end

But inside, it’s bursting with the treasures accumulated over a decades-long career. Near the doorway are file drawers nearly as tall as he is, stuffed with work done or half-finished by him and his colleagues; around the corner, masks from his collection silently watch over the room.

Near the back of the studio is what looks to be the studio centerpiece: a long, flat table adorned with a pulley and belt and what looks to be the captain’s wheel of a tall ship. It’s a 19th century lithography

press, one of only six like it in the country; Fink said he’s heard this one came through Nazi-occupied Paris.

Kim Fink turns the star wheel moving the pressure bar over the paper on a Brisset Star Wheel lithography press. None of it will be here for much longer, though. Fink, 64, has taught art and printmaking at UND

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