GM seeks to exempt Buick Envision from U.S. auto tariffs – Autoblog

General Motors is seeking an exemption to a 25 percent U.S. tariff on its Chinese-made Buick Envision sport utility, the automaker said on Thursday, in a move to prevent the key model in the brand’s U.S. lineup from becoming a victim of the U.S.-China trade war.

The midsize SUV, priced starting at about $35,000, has become a target for critics of Chinese-made goods, including leaders of the United Auto Workers union and members in key political swing states such as Michigan and Ohio. The Envision, assembled only in China, last year accounted for about 19 percent of Buick brand sales in the United States.

GM said in a statement that it filed the request on July 30 with the U.S. Trade Representative. An official notice was posted on Thursday on the website, which is tracking requests for exclusions from the so-called Section 301 tariff on certain imported

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Next-generation BMW M3 spied near the Nurburgring – Autoblog

BMW just revealed the 2019 3 Series at the Paris Motor Show, and now one of our spy photographers has caught the next-generation M3 out testing too. This one is pulling into BMW’s M Nürburgring test center, a righteous place for the M3 to be out and about. We saw a similarly disguised M3 prototype out on the roads close to a year ago, but this one looks closer to production.

The last time we saw it, BMW still had some unfinished-looking headlights to stand in for the production units. Now it looks like it’s sporting the cool-looking LED headlights off the new 3 Series. Like before, we see the slightly flared fenders to accommodate the M3’s wider track. A quad exhaust juts prominently out back in proper M-car fashion. There are different wheels on this prototype than before that allow

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Tesla says get your order in by Oct. 15 to receive the full tax credit – Autoblog

Electric carmaker Tesla said orders for cars placed by Oct. 15 will be eligible for a full federal tax credit of $7,500, and these customers will get their cars delivered by the end of the year.

Under a major tax overhaul passed by the Republican-controlled U.S. Congress late last year, incentives in the way of tax credits that lower the cost of electric vehicles are available for the first 200,000 such vehicles sold by an automaker. The tax credit for that automaker is then reduced by 50 percent every six months until it phases out.

In July, Tesla said it delivered 200,000 electric cars to buyers in the United States, meaning tax credits will now begin to be lowered while rivals such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW AG and Audi AG will bring electric models to the market with a full tax credit in place.

Buyers of electric cars get full tax credit for

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Porch Pirates Caught, Cars Burgled, And Love Tested: PPD Blotter

PUYALLUP, WA — A prolific porch pirate gets caught in the act, along with his apparent accomplices; several people report car break-ins around the city; and a handful of women are arrested for assaulting men. This is your Puyallup Police Department crime log for Nov. 28 – 30.


South Hill Mall — 3500 S. Meridian

After unintentionally leaving her personal and work cellphones in a restroom at the South Hill Mall, a woman returned to find they were gone. Police said she did not have the serial numbers for either phone.


Cattin’s Family Dining — 105 Ninth Ave. SW

Police arrested a 38-year-old man who was allegedly waving around what appeared to be a gun in front of Cattin’s Family Dining. Police demanded the man drop the object in his hand, but he initially refused.

After some time, the man apparently gave up and was arrested without further incident.


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Mike Manley and Louis Camilleri appointments confirmed after shareholder votes – Autoblog

AMSTERDAM – Fiat Chrysler shareholders held a meeting yesterday to officially vote on the appointments of Mike Manley as CEO of FCA and Louis Camilleri as the CEO of Ferrari. Manley and Camilleri were announced as the replacements for Sergio Marchionne following the former chief’s sudden death. At the same time, FCA announced that it would place John Elkann in the role of Chairman.

A minute-long moment of silence was held at the start of the meeting in honor of Marchionne. According to reports, 99 percent of shareholder votes were in favor of Manley’s appointment at FCA, and 98 percent were in favor of Camilleri taking the CEO role at Ferrari.

Manley said at the shareholder’s meeting that he will announce his organizational plans for the automaker by the end of September.

“When we learned Sergio Marchionne could not return to work the board decided to appoint Mike Manley, who was the

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Annual Transit Savings = $9,569 In US (On Average)

Beyond Utility 2.0: Part 3 “The Future”

$1 To Save Bicycling On Campus At University Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign


Published on February 23rd, 2015
by Cynthia Shahan


February 23rd, 2015 by  

One dollar is not much to some folks. It is to others. However, for everyone, one dollar from a vast number of people is enough to do something significant. Grace Kyung, a graduate student studying urban planning at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign considered this before

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Mercedes-AMG debating Porsche Cayman rival – Autoblog

Insider talk about the Mercedes-Benz SLC puts two of the shoe-shaped droptop’s wheels in limbo, the other two in the grave. In May, Digital Trends asked Tobias Moers, fearless leader at Mercedes-AMG, what would happen to the seven-year-old convertible. Moers said, “I don’t know, it’s under discussion. Under construction, so to speak.” This week, Autocar reported, “German dealers suggest that deliveries have all but dried up and that a decision has already been made not to replace [it].” That same Autocar report says the Mercedes board is currently considering proposals to replace the SLC with a proper challenger to the Porsche 718 twins.

The concept before the board is said to come in either a hardtop or a convertible, just like the Porsche 718. After that, Mercedes‘ must decide what kind of competitor it wants to make: mid-engined or front-mid-engined.

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Cadillac clears camo off the XT3 revealing grille, lighting details – Autoblog

Up until now, every Cadillac XT3 we’ve seen has been buried under covers and vinyl wraps, but one of our spy photographers recently captured a group of them with significantly less camouflage. As a result, we finally get a relatively clear picture of what the car will look like.

The nose blends the look of current Cadillacs with cues from last year’s Escala concept. The headlights still appear to stretch up into the top of the fenders like its production brethren, but they don’t descend as far down the front fascia, a hint of Escala influence. The grille also features more of egg-crate mesh like that Cadillac concept.

In profile, we can see evidence of the XT3’s smaller size compared with the XT5, mainly in the lack of any glass area behind the rear door. Other evidence of the smaller size is that our spy photographer

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